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When I look back at the images from my childhood, I see a blue eyed, blonde haired girl always making ridiculous poses. I see my favorite outfits, my favorite people at my favorite places. I can relive it all through pictures. I can see them & remember just how I felt at the moment.

As a child I carried around my Pink Kodak Disney Micky Matic 110 Camera that I got when I took my first trip to Disney World in the late 80’s. It was that little film camera that I had since I was 5 that has inspired my career today.

I am extremely passionate about my photography. I love to photograph for clients as much as I love to photograph my own family. I sometimes meet a client & make an instant friendship. I love that. Every time however, I feel as if I am photographing family. I am lucky enough to have the most amazing, down to earth genuine clients.

At home I am fortunate enough to have so much love & support. It’s not easy to run your own business. There needs to be a lot of sacrifices. I have been with my husband, Kyle, for 10 years. He has been nothing but supportive of this since I quit my job & said it’s time! My kids, Kegan & Karie, are amazing little creatures who I can’t imagine life without. They are my at home inspiration & my testers. They come with to me crazy places to test lighting, test locations & just find new spots. They are my little explores. In July we will be welcoming the newest member of the family, a little boy. It will be fun to add a little more chaos into our world.

I couldn’t ask for anything better.


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